Coping with life's ups and downs

Family Problems

All relationships, families, friends or partners are a key part of our lives. They are often the first people we turn to for love, comfort and support. However, sometimes relationships can go wrong and become strained and difficult to understand and be the cause of grief and anguish.

If you are disagreeing try and think about why this is happening. There may be several reasons; maybe they don't understand your plans or actions ormaybe they have some worries and anxieties of their own. Make a real effort to think yourself into their shoes.

Find some way of discussing things. Dont expect a miracle - people rarely change their opinion overnight. Don't feel you have to have total agreement; stop the discussion while the going is good and come back to it a few dayslater.

If you feel you cannot talk with your family, friend or partner and are worried about things becoming more difficult it may be worth asking for some advice.

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